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Tittle Erased (2012)
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Lavet 05/10/2012 19.52.34
Contributor titler
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Not retail, just like &quot;Cosmopolis&quot;<br />
Thanks to kvlt<br />
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English parts only.



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# Start End Metadata Lines
1 00:03:41.500 00:03:42.499
  1. 7:15!
2 00:03:43.940 00:03:45.459
  1. ...during the class action suit
3 00:03:45.660 00:03:49.419
  1. against the mother company of Serenity,
  2. the ship that sank off the Belgium coast.
4 00:03:50.381 00:03:53.500
  1. The families seeking damages for
  2. the loss of loved ones met a roadblock.
5 00:03:53.701 00:03:56.660
  1. One of those families,
  2. The Pieters, were not...
6 00:04:2.941 00:04:4.220
  1. Why are you going through my stuff?
7 00:04:5.061 00:04:8.461
  1. When I was a kid, and that was a 100
  2. years ago and you'll never be my age,
8 00:04:9.442 00:04:11.261
  1. but, we actually...
9 00:04:12.182 00:04:14.981
  1. got the report card and took it home
  2. to our parents so they could see it.
10 00:04:15.782 00:04:17.901
  1. Mom never went through my stuff.
11 00:04:18.662 00:04:21.021
  1. Well, I mean, I'm not mom.
  2. - Yeah, no shit!
12 00:04:21.702 00:04:22.352
  1. Hey!
13 00:04:23.182 00:04:24.781
  1. I can't find my filters.
14 00:04:25.182 00:04:27.102
  1. Well, if you were a filter,
  2. where would you be?
15 00:04:27.543 00:04:28.942
  1. I don't even know what that means.


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by titler » 06/10/2012 17.19.31

Yes, yes… [:)] I didn't MARK this movie for foreign language, and I didn't check this subtitle (watch whole movie) because I really don't like SillyWood movies. [:)] I don't need bad subtitle for me and something like this for my friends.
And yes 'missing foreign dialogues' only. Thanks for comment. Enjoy! [;)]


by banditek » 05/10/2012 21.33.54

well at least its proper english, not translated english from another language :) i hope there aint plenty of non-english stuff in it :p

Btw staff made a mistake, or maybe u did, im not sure who, but someone marked it as "subtitle for foreign dialogues only" when in fact its missing foreign dialogue :)

Uglavnem, koonco eni tapravi podnapisi k so res angleski, ne pa neki prevedeni iz tujega jezika :p aja pa napaka je bla narjena, ker so oznaceni kot da so to podnapisi zgolj za tuje dialoge, a u bistvu tuji dialogi mankajo, drugo pa je vse…tko da naj nekdo to poprav…


by titler » 05/10/2012 20.30.09

No, no, not again. [:?] I didn't check for foreign language 'cos almost all dialogues are in english. Missing only few lines in other language, that's it. [:)]

Znaci skoro ceo film je na engleskom, samo par dijaloga je na drugom jeziku, zato nisam cekirao da je samo za strane dijaloge. U stvari nije ni vazno. Ovo je autorski prevod, odlicno uradjen i nedostaju samo dijalozi za jezik (e) koji nisu na engleskom.